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Seven boards, various thicknesses:


Item number: 10049
Length: 267cm
Widths: 26,59,54cm
Thickness: 48mm
Volume: 0.059m3


Item number: 10050
Length: 270cm
Widths: 34,74,62cm
Thickness: 80mm
Volume: 0.122m3


Item number: 10051
Length: 272cm
Widths: 45,85,65cm
Thickness: 80mm
Volume: 0.141m3


Item number: 10052
Length: 273cm
Widths: 50,83,74cm
Thickness: 60mm
Volume: 0.113m3


Item number: 10053
Length: 273cm
Widths: 40,77,55cm
Thickness 65mm
Volume: 0.102m3


Item number: 10054
Length: 267cm
Widths: 55,84,70cm
Thickness: 65mm
Volume: 0.120m3


Item number: 10055
Length: 192cm
Widths: 67,42,71cm
Thickness: 65mm
Volume: 0.075m3


Total volume: 0.732 m3 /  25.62 ft3 total


Provenance: Sustainably managed woodland, Kilmersdon, Somerset

7 Air dried burr oak boards from Somerset

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